Ethan is a Certified Pilates Teacher, Rochester area native, and alumnus of Hamilton College.  He loves the efficiency of the Pilates method and the mental concentration required to practice Pilates well.  Ethan is a firm believer that anyone at any level of fitness can and will benefit from Pilates, and he finds great satisfaction in sending clients forth from the studio feeling better than when they came in.  Ethan also holds a black belt in the Olympic sport of Judo, enjoys cycling, running, cooking, gardening, and most of all, being dad to his young son Wesley.

Maureen was introduced to Pilates while completing her bachelor degree at the University of New Mexico where she received a double major in both Dance and Languages. This form of exercise greatly intrigued Maureen due to Joseph Pilates' great emphasis on focus and awareness of the body. Because her dance training involved these same principles of using focus to control and strengthen the body, she took to Pilates to further investigate what it means to have complete control of one's muscle groups while using them in the most efficient way possible. Through the outstanding instruction of Jodi Stern, Maureen has been trained in Pilates Mat, beginning through advanced, and is able to teach Joseph Pilates' sound philosophies concerning exercise and way of life to people around the Rochester area. Maureen continues to see herself as a student of contrology in order to pose questions and to further seek ways in which to help people gain control and strength in their own bodies.

Mary has been teaching classes at Pilates Plus for over 10 years.  She became inspired to teach yoga after developing her own practice and became certified to teach through Yoga Fit.  Her training has included Yoga Fit levels I and II in addition of completion of Anusara Yoga training workshops with Mitchel Bleier and Baptise Power Vinyasa Yoga workshops with Baron Baptiste.  Mary is a full time resource teacher for grades 7-12 in the Rochester City School District and enjoys shopping, hiking, biking and traveling in her spare time.

Jessica has wanted to be a fitness instructor ever since she was a young girl watching Jane Fonda and Olivia Newton-John in their leg warmers and spandex. She was thrilled to be able to achieve that dream when she received her teaching certification in the full Pilates Mat repertoire in 2012. Since that time she has been teaching people from all walks of life and levels of fitness to integrate Pilates into their lives. She has enjoyed seeing her students improve in their ability as well as in their over all physical well being. She is a firm believer in listening and working with your body. She always looks forward to the privilege of teaching those who are willing to put time and effort into their health and wellness. Jessica loves doing fun physical activities with her husband and children. Having a background in music (classical piano/voice), she finds Pilates a good artistic outlet.  

Christine Porter, CHHP, AADP, Certified Health Coach is turning the tables and teaching people about the hazards of the standard American diet. As a certified Health + Wellness Coach and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition School, Christine creates customized plans for her clients to help them lose weight, improve their energy, balance hormones and live healthier, happier lives. She offers one-on-one coaching and her expertise is in helping teach her clients learn how to thrive in the modern times of fast food, low-calorie, sugar-laden world we live in. 

Sarah has been an licensed esthetician since 2007 and has been managing the studio for over 6 years now. Sarah loves the daily interaction that she has with her clients as well as everyone who walks through the door. They say that variety is the spice of life and that may well be why she loves her job so much. Sarah enjoys all aspects of her job, from pampering her clients with facials, spray tans and waxings to assisting studio clients with their workout needs. When she came to the studio she had had very little exposure to Pilates, but times have changed. She loves Pilates and has seen the benefits first hand especially during and after the birth of her son.  Not unlike the variety found in her job, Sarah’s free time is spent kayaking, fishing, sewing, gardening and cooking along with spending time with her "adorable son and loving and good looking husband”, her words.