Pilates Classes

Beginning Pilates Mat

Basic Pilates principles of abdominal control, breath, concentration, centering, precision, posture and basic body awareness.

Open Pilates Mat

For all Pilates students experienced enough to exercise body control. The pace is more dynamic than the Beginner level, and the emphasis is on fluidity of movement. All fitness levels welcome. 

Intermediate Pilates Mat 

For students experienced in Open Pilates Mat classes, step up your practice with a faster-paced routine incorporating more advanced exercises. Not recommended for students with movement restrictions. 

Express Mat & Reformer* & Stretching

A 30-minute class packed with exercises that are sure to maximize your time and effort. Come early or stay late for 25 minutes of focused stretching. 

Open Reformer*

The Reformer apparatus demands an extra dimension of balance and core control.  Students must have a private Pilates session for teacher approval before joining class.

Intermediate Reformer*

Students are led though a section of the Classical Reformer, in its original order. Students must have a private Pilates session for teacher approval before joining class. Not recommend for students with movement restrictions.  


Pilates Stick*

Try the Pilates stick apparatus to enhance and vary your practice. Previous experience with Pilates mat will be helpful in this class.

Cardio Reformer*

Cardio reformer will utilize the jump board for a safe, fast-paced high energy work out that will keep you moving to burn those calories while building full body strength. 


Total Barre*

A comprehensive total body workout linking the fundamentals of ballet barre, Pilates, yoga and strength & cardio training. The low impact isometric movements are designed to tone muscles, burn fat and challenge your endurance. Dance experience is not required .

Barre Strength*

Combinations of classic Pilates mat exercises and functional strength training moves utilizing the Barre. It's a great way to mix up your Pilates routine. Not a dance class - check out Total Barre instead.