Fall into Pilates

We'll admit it: we're not sad about the end of summer. In fact, we're excited to receive fresh fall apparel, experiment with new smoothies, and keep building on our Pilates offerings -- both Classic and with a twist. When the fall flurry of school, activities and meetings begins, Pilates remains the best workout that you can do in the least amount of time. And it's not just about efficiency. Here's why Pilates will help you get that "fresh start" for autumn:

1. Stress -- the good kind. WebMD recently endorsed Pilates (along with walking and climbing stairs) as a great way to maintain optimal bone health by putting a little stress on the bones, in order to keep them strong and supportive as we get older. 

2. Standing tall, feeling taller. Opening the chest, lifting the head, and pulling the shoulders back releases just enough testosterone to give men and women greater confidence and power while lowering cortisol (a hormone tied to stress). Pilates teaches us to change our posture and thus exude greater confidence--that body-mind-breath connection that defines and sets apart our method.

3. Staying healthy. For as much as Joe Pilates loved his cigars, he also understood the importance of deep breathing to clear the lungs. Standing tall (see above) and practicing the Pilates breath, on and off the mat (or Reformer, or Pedi Pile), can optimize our lungs' capacity to exhale toxins, lower blood pressure, and reduce your risk of respiratory infections this fall and winter.

4. Family fun! Pilates is weather-proof, ideal for those with back or knee injuries, and truly beneficial for "every body," from workout novices to hard-core athletes. Plus, it's the perfect antidote for those confined to a school desk or chair all day...a common fall scenario! Next month, Ethan will lead six weeks of Pilates Mat classes at Allendale Columbia School's AC Encore program--a way for parents to experience Pilates as their children partake in music, Chinese, fencing and more. See more at http://allendalecolumbia.org/extracurricular-programs/ac-encore/