On why Pilates is the Perfect Gift for Dad

1.     Improve his golf game. Or for that matter, any sport—running, cycling, tennis, hockey. The movements in Pilates are proven to relieve stiffness and tightness, increase flexibility and broaden range of motion—leading to stronger swings, more precise aim, and more efficient movements overall. Plus, the concentration and focus recruited in Pilates—engaging muscles in specific, targeted movements, and remaining mindful of how muscles and bones work together—can help shore up that crucial mental strength required of the best athletes.

2.     Protect him from injuries. We often focus so completely on upper-body strength and larger muscle groups (think biceps and quadriceps) that we forget about the smaller, supporting muscles and the joints--hips, knees, ankles—that help align and stabilize the body to prevent torn ligaments and other injuries.  Pilates builds muscle fiber while increasing mobility. In fact…

3.     It’s so challenging, even NFL Receivers do it—on their coaches’ orders.  This article in Pilates Style describes how NFL players routinely use the Reformer (a key piece of Pilates apparatus) for a safe, effective workout.

4.     Give him a reprieve from that desk job. A good hour of Pilates can combat the poor posture, muscle strain, and pain that comes from hunching over the computer.

5.     All classes at Pilates Plus are free for Dads on Father’s Day! We’ve got a whole morning’s worth of fun: Pilates Stick, Trixter Cycling, and Pilates Mat—and our 9:30 Trixter class and 10am mat class are geared toward beginners. We have fun here while getting fit. 

6.     Treat Dad to a soft new tee shirt, breathable shorts or casual pants – we’re marking 25% off our Prana men’s apparel this weekend. Laid-back style, organic cotton comfort—because he deserves to relax.