Take Our 30-Day Challenge

“Remember to breathe.” That’s good advice for any time of year, especially the holiday season. And taking 10 minutes a day to focus on your breath and body, relieving mental stress and muscle tension, is even better.

In partnership with Healthy Edge Magazine, Ethan has created a 10-minute Pilates regimen that tones your muscles, sharpens your focus, improves your posture, and counteracts the slumping and tension caused by too much sitting; we know you’ve got lots of driving, work projects, and online shopping in the weeks ahead. It takes the sting out of both lower back pain and the “pain in the neck” relative who’s descending on your home. Make it part of your routine to stand taller, feel calmer, and savor the meaningful moments of the season—not the white noise. 

We’re calling it the 30-Day Pilates Challenge to navigate holiday stressors and start the New Year strong. Gyms are mobbed the first weekend in January; our philosophy here is, Why wait?

It’s the perfect warm-up for any other exercise routine or activity you might be doing, from skiing to the StairMaster, and because it works every major muscle group, it’s an ideal stand-alone activity as well. It might be “just” 10 minutes, but you will work hard—and feel both relaxed and recharged afterwards!

Find the workout here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3fsBmSFosc

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